The secret to good sex

But as a Board Certified Sexologist and a PhD Certified Sex Therapist, I am here to tell you that what you think you know about having great sex is simply not the whole story. And feeling desire for your partner makes them feel wanted, so the more often the better. It can be what I call in my book, "maintenance sex.

The secret to good sex

Having affairs to keep your sex life perky rarely works out. The facts and conclusions presented may have since changed and may no longer be accurate. If you are going to make love to a woman on a Saturday, start on Wednesday. A third have it twice. When we do this, we begin to see our libido increase , our orgasms become longer and stronger and we become more connected to our bodies! You might find that you snap at each other less, you are more affectionate and you want sex more often as a result. Sometimes couples think that only spontaneous sex is great sex. This all starts with self care, which includes everything from thinking about your sexual organs and masturbating to nurturing your body and supporting your body through food, supplementation and proper exercise. If you have all five of these things; a plan, frequency, quiet, relaxation and privacy, you are having great sex, and congratulations! Most partners would prefer you said 'no' than perform on demand begrudgingly. The findings are based on four studies of couples in the United States and Switzerland. If you really loved them, you would tell them what you need. It can still be great sex. It doesn't have to be marathon, swinging from the ceiling sex. Don't always leave it up to him to do the deed: Your partner should encourage that part of you, because it adds excitement and juiciness to the sex for both of you. Your attitude is spot on, if you thought, Who cares! The frequency of your sexual contact will make both of you feel connected, and reduces the stress in your relationship. Great sex is frequent. But there are other ways to show your partner what turns you on. Sometimes people tell you it doesn't matter how often you make love, but it does, especially for men. In fact, making a date for sex can create what I call "sexual anticipation," which, for women, creates more desire for sex. A sex date is a sacred time to practice erotic spontaneity. Two very good reasons to have one handy in the bedside drawer and there are more. Debrot's team found that sex predicted positive emotions the next day -- whereas good feelings did not boost couples' likelihood of having sex over the next 24 hours. Unless you intend to spend the rest of your life skipping onto pastures new, this is why working on making sex great with the same person is a much better idea. Nor does this study imply that couples get no emotional benefit from sex itself.

The secret to good sex

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  1. People do vary widely in how they like to express affection, Milhausen noted. You can ignore most of what you've heard.

  2. Climaxing and connecting truly to another person requires surrender — surrendering your body, mind and spirit to live completely in the moment and embrace the other person.

  3. Don't ignore your partner because their pleasure will give you pleasure. Sixty one percent say a long session lasts 45 minutes.

  4. It all suggests that the "relational aspects of sexuality -- and more specifically, the sharing of affection -- are central in understanding why sex does good," said lead researcher Anik Debrot. And they can actually feel uncomfortable.

  5. Let us marinate in the idea for a while and remind us of what you are going to do to us when we get there. I wrote several books about it, in fact.

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