Sex offender treatment in prison

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To lie does something with me! To investigate those environments and processes we chose to interview inmates, prison officers and the prison management. Then I was in a retreat in the monastery in Kumla prison. Thereby making it possible to reach the level of change required with sexual offenders.

Sex offender treatment in prison

Perhaps it started with the psychologist. Working tasks which are new i. Every prison holding these prisoners was investigated and factors which promote or counteract an enabling environment were observed. An investigation of the effect of an enabling environment for sex offenders has been carried out in Sweden. For example the option of receiving more freedom as a reward at the treatment prisons compared with normal prisons. If they mismanage this trust and opportunity they will be sent to a high security normal prison. In the beginning I was scared to death what other inmates would say, what the officers would say and what the family at home would say. Nevertheless I received respect from the officers. It was during a talk with the contact person that I said it. Inmate's personal attitudes to the sex offender program Typical answers: In the middle an "Alfa male" inmate saying that he is innocent. You almost get bullied if you think that the sex offenders program is something good Those who say that treatment is something good don't speak so much. A total number of 18 inmates, 25 prison officers and five prison management persons were interviewed. To minimize projections and to optimize true reflections, we chose to interview inmates who had taken part in the sexual offender treatment program, and who were regarded as reflecting persons by the officers. Our findings suggest that by not addressing this issue, there is a great risk that the psychological environment in sexual offender prisons will become hostile towards treatment, women, equality and good social norms. The importance of staff-prisoner relationships: I am now open with my offence and I feel good about telling people, most inmates are not! Shame and guilt were in the way. When I came to prison I really felt like a dammed rapist! Proposals to Swedish correctional service how to change into a more enabling environment for sexual offenders in prison That our prison system should separate inmates who refuse treatment from those who want treatment and would like to work on themselves. Those who engage in treatment are more introverted and are filled with shame and feelings of guilt towards the victims. Definitions of "supporting environment" and "enabling environment" The definition of a "supporting environment" we have used in this study is: The client should be in the centre of attention Everything that can support the client to improve in a positive way and decrease the risk for reoffending A uniform positive spirit of treatment characterises the prison The prison staffs show the ability and ambition to give relevant positive feedback to the inmates A motivating environment with possibilities to express and show feelings Empathic environment which creates trust The definition of an "enabling environment" we have used in this study is: Strong leaders among the inmates, who often don't work in treatment and are more criminally inclined, see the officers as a threat. From that follows opinions that the court of law is corrupt and women have got too much power in the society.

Sex offender treatment in prison

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Inside Wisconsin Sex Offender Treatment Facility

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  1. It can either confirm and promote an inmate's work with his risk factors and increase his ability to live a good life after release, or it can inhibit this progress.

  2. Supporting environment in Swedish prisons for sexual offenders Results Analysis of present situation At a prison a great number of inmates project their complex problems to others in his environment.

  3. In this report our aim is to focus upon other factors during the sexual offender's time in prison, which also possibly affect the rate of reoffending.

  4. Supporting environment in Swedish prisons for sexual offenders Results Analysis of present situation At a prison a great number of inmates project their complex problems to others in his environment. The research project was concluded in following statement:

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