Rooster cancer

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They prefer to keep their personal life separate from all other areas of their life, and expect their partners to adopt the same attitude. The job executes it carefully. They know there is no hiding from the truth, so they purposefully move in the direction they know is best. Though others may find their blunt honesty a little unsettling, those close to Roosters know how valuable an objective opinion can be.

Rooster cancer

Taurus born during the Year of the Rooster Jealousy is the weakest part in the character of Cancer. Roosters born during the cycle of Virgo are represented in Primal Astrology by the Corgi. For the man and the woman rooster is sex is the most important part of a wedding. In addition, the workplace and their own 4 walls must be impeccably clean. Is an advocate of an authoritarian management style, from employees waiting for responsible execution of their duties. While you do not look at her absolutely no other woman. We are torn apart by internal contradictions, so we are waiting for support from outside. They have a keen sense for the family and protect their children from any danger. According to the love horoscope, Cancer-Rooster is a reliable, attentive, but at the same time an insulting and demanding partner. Rooster-Cancer pays a lot of time for his wardrobe, not less demanding of others. He dreams of a strong marriage, does everything possible to make his wish come true. Do not forgive neglect and stinging comments in your address. The luxury that can appeal to Rooster, but it can also give it up if everything else is in order. Nature has awarded him with intuition, the ability to delicately feel the mood of people. Shyness is lessened and confidence is increased, resulting in individuals that are less complicated and not as easily upset by the thoughts and comments of others. They carefully prepare for each meeting, try to impress the imagination of their chosen one or their chosen one. Roosters born during the cycle of Taurus are represented in Primal Astrology by the Beaver. The proud male Cancer-Rooster not want to hear stories when it comes to sex daily The job executes it carefully. In his family there are no quarrels from scandals, with rare exceptions: It does take a lot to unbalance the Rooster's sprightly temperament, so this weakness is not seen often. You can read more about the Primal Zodiac sign of Bird-of-Paradise by clicking here. Although the Cancer-Rooster behaves calmly in comparison with others, but is able to stand out from the crowd. Will achieve a career of great heights if he chooses a creative profession: Roosters are motivators, both of themselves and of others. Roosters born during the cycle of Capricorn are represented in Primal Astrology by the Bee.

Rooster cancer

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  1. The man of this combination wants to hear only praise, because he is so wounded and not sure of himself. They tend to be more precise and organized than other Leos as well.

  2. Astrologists in ancient times considered this creature to be an extrovert, with an entertaining warmth and a good word for everyone. The job executes it carefully.

  3. Although the Cancer-Rooster behaves calmly in comparison with others, but is able to stand out from the crowd. Roosters born during the cycle of Pisces are represented in Primal Astrology by the Ocelot.

  4. Cancer-Rooster is an executive, a responsible employee, knows how to get along with people. He does not take criticism, is stubborn and principled:

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