Movie times new iberia

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The campaign had been designed by Union commanders to strip the Teche region's capability of supporting Confederate forces. Beginning in the last quarter of the nineteenth century brass bands became quite popular, particularly the municipal brass bands. The first of these plantations was subdivided and lots were sold in Portions of the two large plantations flanking the town were subdivided in the s providing more town lots for anticipated future growth.

Movie times new iberia

For merchants transporting goods in keelboats, flatboats, and schooners, it was far less time consuming and less expensive to land at New Iberia, unload their cargo onto carts and wagons, cross the narrow portage and reload boats waiting to take the merchandise upstream. Today, there are carnival krewes that annually provide lavish parades and balls. But perhaps the favorite pastime of the community, as it was across America, was baseball. The great virgin cypress forests within a few miles of the town attracted the attention of northern lumber companies. One building, which served as a firebreak because it was constructed of brick and had a metal roof, the Gouguenheim Building, has been recently restored to its original turn-of-the-century appearance. Nevertheless, a modern movie complex with six screens offers the townspeople the opportunity "to go to the movies. In , the Federal Government opened a post office here, and it was officially known as "New Iberia". New Iberia is one of the later. Foundries built and repaired steamboat and sugar mill machinery. In time, however, they found a place for settlement on the third great bend of Bayou Teche. If nature dealt bodyblows to New Iberians and others in the region, the worst was yet to come. Martin Attakapas Club in the s. Portions of the two large plantations flanking the town were subdivided in the s providing more town lots for anticipated future growth. An event of major importance to New Iberia was the coming of the railroad with its impact on the economy and transportation. But if this was an evolving picture of the ideal small American town, an ugly stain was appearing— not only in New Iberia, but also in towns and cities across the South—racial segregation. A few years later a spur line was built to Avery Island and then on to Abbeville. The epidemic spread up and down the Teche. Sawmills, planing mills, shingle mills, sash and door factories hummed day and night for the better part of forty years. Thus anything of any value was gathered together and placed on wagons which resulted in an eight-mile-long wagon train headed for Morgan City and then to New Orleans. The site proved to be too small for the number of settlers, and many of the Spanish families began to move out onto the nearby prairies, particularly those to the south and west of a small lake which came to be called Spanish Lake. Restoration work is proceeding on other downtown buildings. Semi-professional baseball came to New Iberia in when the local team became a club in the Texas League. A great boost to the industry occurred just after World War II when the technology became available for off-shore drilling. New Iberians enter the twenty-first century proud of their many past accomplishments, prepared to meet the challenges of the new century, and devoted to the concept of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This exercise in nomenclature is, nevertheless, reflective of the town's varied cultural history. All along New Iberians have worked hard, but beginning in the twentieth century found more time for entertainment. Ten years later there was a week-long celebration of the sesquicentennial of New Iberia's incorporation.

Movie times new iberia

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  1. By there were three movie houses entertaining local folk. Only the Centennial Celebration of American Independence was done on such a scale as to attract thousands to the events occurring in New Iberia.

  2. The railroad was originally scheduled to be built through New Iberia in , but the onset of the Civil War and its aftermath delayed that construction for 20 years. Sawmills, planing mills, shingle mills, sash and door factories hummed day and night for the better part of forty years.

  3. The game was played on sandlots dotting the town and led to the formation of a municipal team that challenged similar teams from nearby. Here, they became planters and ranchers.

  4. Beginning in July , a yellow fever epidemic swept the Teche country and within four months resulted in the deaths of thousands of people. A lesson had been learned concerning wooden structures crowded together.

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