Be more open minded

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I would recommend mature adults. Therefore, rejecting any new idea that doesn't match its pre-existing ideas enables the mind to avoid thinking and analyzing, a process requiring a considerable expenditure of mental energy. Becoming open-minded Once we understand that our default way of thinking is being closed-minded, only then can we make efforts to become open-minded.

Be more open minded

You can compare your culture to the new culture and understand the differences. Understanding that everyone is different will help to foster a level of tolerance for other values. Try reading books that challenge the way you normally think. A quote by Aristotle sums up the entire idea of open-mindedness in one sentence… It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain an idea without accepting it. Sometimes you cannot understand complex things unless you put yourself in the position. Try to learn about the history. Wrapping up It is hard to be open-minded but it is possible. You may find that you love it. Engage in discussion Engaging in discussion with people can help you to be open minded. Is it because of my experiences? It doesn't like to expend energy thinking and analyzing things on a constant basis. Would others think the same way? Challenge your thoughts It is okay to have a discussion with yourself. You can learn different perspectives and be enlighten. If you are given an opportunity to do something that you have never done, you can give it a try. Try interacting with people who have a totally different worldview than yours. Ask yourself why do you believe this? Passion, Purpose and the Power of Mindfulness. If you have ideologies then challenge them. Thinking takes up energy. The default mode is to save energy. Open-mindedness is simply the ability to receive new information, especially when it tends to contradict the pre-existing information in the mind. A closed-minded person can never be truly free for they dwell in the prison of their own ideas. You will experience cultural shock but you will appreciate the new experience. Embrace opportunities because you may love what you found. You learn about things without experiencing it.

Be more open minded

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  1. The point is that we all perceive reality according to our own beliefs and being open-minded is all about being aware of this fact and not falling into this default-way-of-thinking trap.

  2. Open-mindedness is simply the ability to receive new information, especially when it tends to contradict the pre-existing information in the mind.

  3. No open-minded person was like that since birth. So it comes up with theories to explain the unexplained and therefore remains stable.

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