Battle of sex and mixed wrestling

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She told the guys that she didn't think that they could make all three of us girls submit in a real, competitive mixed match. Mike said that our underwear would be their trophies for having won the match. Mike and I then went at each other, and I was holding my own until he tripped me and took me off my feet.

Battle of sex and mixed wrestling

I knew we girls were in a lot of trouble, and I prayed for Steph to be able to come up with something incredible. Hearing this, Mike demanded my submission, and I cried out, "I submit! The guys celebrated, while we tried to console ourselves. But eventually, the guys managed to maneuver Brittany onto their side of the mat, not allowing her to reach Steph or me. Finally, exhausted, helpless, and in excruciating pain, Stephanie submitted. With Brittany out, Steph and I tried our best to stay within reach of each other, and we managed to control the action against Brad for a couple of minutes, but before we could try to finish him, he was able to get away from us, reach his corner and tag in Mike. He pressed down hard on Brittany's neck, increasing the pain in her back, until, unable to escape, Brittany submitted. Then, while still twisting on my neck, he yanked my head and shoulders up and back. They then set up a video camera and videotaped us girls naked, while forcing us to announce that we were now their sexual property for the next 24 hours. The first evening, we were sitting around talking, and the conversation turned to wrestling, a subject all of us share an interest in. A submission would eliminate the defeated wrestler from the match. All three of us girls had been forced to submit. Finally, as she was nearing exhaustion, Brad scooped her up and slammed her down hard to the mat. They began wearing her down, and after several more minutes, Dave caught her with a solid knee to the midsection, doubling Brittany over and causing her to drop to her knees. The stipulation was that if the girls won, they would be queens for the rest of the weekend, being waited on hand and foot, and the guys would have to do anything they demanded, but if the guys won, we girls would become their sex slaves, and be compelled to satisfy any sexual demand of any of the three guys, not just our own boyfriends. Mike then suggested that there was a way we could find out Brittany, Stephanie, and I then spent the next 24 hours being ordered to perform one sexual act after another on all three of the guys, and were also fucked repeatedly by all three. Before we started the match, we established the rules. Winning could only be accomplished by forcing a submission. The subject was about mixed wrestling websites, and the guys said that all those matches showing the girls winning all the time were fake. We had all pitched in and rented a condo to spend the holiday. We girls agreed to his idea, so we all went out to an athletic store and bought a wrestling mat, which we set up in the largest room of the condo. Once everything was all set up, the guys, wearing briefs or boxers, and us girls, dressed in bras and panties, began the match. I struggled, but his grip was too strong, and I couldn't get free. Stephanie was in complete agony.

Battle of sex and mixed wrestling

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Trish Stratus vs Christian Intergender Match

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  1. He then grabbed her by her legs and proceeded to lock her in an absolutely brutal leglock. Before we started the match, we established the rules.

  2. The wrestler on the mat could tag one of their partners into the match by simply touching any part of their body.

  3. Now, as I said, she is the strongest and most athletic out of us three girls, but she was now in the position of having to take on all three of the guys by herself.

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